Under Henry5633 Edit

The Rockhopper Trackers(TRT) were founded by Henry 5633 on the Miniclip Club Pepenguin Forums(MCCP) on July 24th, 2007. The club has since grown to have over 270 members. TRT is still thriving and active today. Several spinoffs of the club were attempted by members including PenguinWonder and Fano, but none have succeeded as a Rockhopper tracker.

Under Sir Gamealot Edit

In October of 2007, Henry decided to quit TRT. Seeing as his co-leader, 256log and many members were inactive, he handed the club over to Sir Gamealot(SG), a reluctant leader at the time. SG began his leadership nearly from scratch, having to create a new chat and forum for TRT himself. There were also very few active members remaining in TRT. Most likely, any member you come across in the present community joined under SG's leadership.

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